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What can you do with an online photo editing service?

There are many processes that can be done using an online service. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what can be done in general, keeping in mind that each application has its own characteristics and functionality:

  • edit photos, working on sharpness, brightness, contrast and much more
  • resize photos, reducing or increasing size and resolution
  • cut photos
  • Transform photos with artistic effects
  • merge two photos online or even more
  • create a collage of multiple photos
  • straighten photos by rotating or cropping
  • use photos as a background for compositions and social posts
Security risks

Apps that offer this service are usually safe. The post-processing downloaded image is, according to our tests on various platforms, "clean" without any risk of the presence of viruses or other unsafe data. Of course, some might object to the safety of uploading one's photo online, but this is a risk that can potentially be run with any social network, sharing service, email client, etc.

I formats

These applications all handle jpeg and png formats, the most common photo formats. Many applications also handle more specific formats such as TIF and PSD. Even from an output point of view, there are many possible formats and can change from one app to another. Some services then allow you to download compositions, animations or actual artwork.

Edit photos online, the type of app

Among the various types of applications or online services we can then find various types. From those that replicate the functionality of off-line programs to applications that allow different, more imaginative processing. For example, we find applications that allow you to create covers and posts for social networks, animations, collages and much more.

The choice is infinite, free and always available. This is why it's really worth taking a look at online photo editing services the next time we need to edit or resize photos.


This is the word that all online photo editing services have in common. Immediately accessible from any device, easy and immediate to use, they manage many formats both incoming and outgoing.

Let's discover some of the services that are used daily by millions of professionals, enthusiasts and new users:

Edit photos online in Photoshop style: Photopea

Considered by many as the perfect online and free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, this application confirms its fame.

Its interface is very reminiscent of that of Adobe's software, both in terms of functionality and layout of buttons and bars. This software can be used immediately without any type of registration. You can then also choose to create a free account which will allow you to have a small memory space to store your projects or a paid account with obviously much larger space available.

Not just edit photos: Fotoflexer

Is photo editing and resizing not enough for your needs? You could try Fotoflexer which adds some "special" functions to a handful of basic functions such as morphing, magic contour, insertion of animations or creation of glittery text. Another special, almost exclusive function is the possibility of exporting images as animations.

Do you want it all? Pixlr

Are you looking for a service that can truly follow you in every area? Then you might want to give the Pixlr suite a try. Available as an online application in the Pixlr

Want to create memes or add stickers to photos? IloveIMG

If in addition to editing the photo your intention is to enrich it with effects, filters, stickers and personalized text, you could give this online service a chance.

Merging two photos online, editing photos or resizing them is not a dream. There are many services that offer this possibility, asking in exchange only for an internet connection, a little time to experiment and all your creativity and imagination.

Simple to use applications, always available and accessible from any device, can truly represent the future of photo editing, at least as regards its use by passionate private users.

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