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Crop photos? Discover 5 reasons to do it through a professional and not free online service

There are many reasons that should convince you of the wisdom of choosing a professional online service when you need to crop photos. We have selected the five most important ones for you, here they are:

First reason: the goodness of the service and the guarantee

You have finally decided to cut out your photo and now what you expect is a perfect job. Don't destroy your expectations, turn to a serious partner. Only a professional will be able to guarantee good quality in cutting out images in Photoshop or with other software.
In addition to a perfect result the first time, the result of years of experience and expertise regarding this type of editing, you will also receive a complete guarantee that will protect you and allow you to obtain a product that you will be completely satisfied with.

Second reason: the pre- and post-order assistance service

Cropping a photo shouldn't be a complicated process or one that requires a degree in computer science. The process of uploading the requested information and the file and the entire download phase of what has been processed should be simple and linear.
In the details you can see the difference between those who do this job out of passion and profession compared to those who improvise or do low quality projects.

Third reason: the speed of delivery

Whatever the level of complexity of the work, what we want when we proceed with an order is that a delivery date is indicated to us and that it is strictly respected. In a world that thinks about "just in time", we must consider that it may take some time for a delicate and precise intervention such as cropping photos, but the times must be reasonable but above all guaranteed.
The advice is therefore to turn to professionals like Pixhub who have the ability to guarantee deliveries within 24 hours regardless of the time of year and the complexity of the work to be carried out.

Fourth reason: confidentiality

Even if your photos have nothing private or "to hide", it is not pleasant to discover that they have appeared on various sites or social media.

The photos are yours and the fact that you share them with a person or company does not mean that they become freely available. So you will have to be careful to turn to specialists who offer you safe conditions for your photos by default. Any examples? The guarantee of a secure connection during upload and download and the certainty that the photos (original and processed=) will be permanently deleted after the intervention and the technical times necessary to complete it (usually 30 days).

If for some reason you need a little more privacy, the advice is to make use of the special confidentiality conditions that some online services, such as those of Pixhub, offer.
These formulas guarantee an additional level of security, with the certainty that the photos are only viewed by the graphic designer who will carry out the contour work and that they are deleted immediately after being delivered to the customer.

Fifth reason, the price

It is not easy to quantify the price for a type of graphic intervention of this kind, but the advice as always is to avoid extremes. A price that is too high will certainly not be convenient from an economic point of view but even a price that is too low should give rise to some doubts, because it is often an indication of lack of professionalism, competence and experience.

The next time you need to cut out photos, if you want a valuable result, check the five points above, they will be an excellent guide for you that will allow you to find the professional or paid service for the type of work you need to execute.

To conclude, allow us to give you some advice… Avoid automatic services, fortunately or not, algorithms still do crude processing. Likewise, avoid services that don't seem of quality or give you that feeling of lack of professionalism, this is often exactly the case...

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